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We can assist you with all your safety needs and WHS | OHS compliance requirements, whether you are a small business of 1-10 workers or a larger business up to 100, ASSAT can assist you in meeting all your obligations focusing on safety management systems across a broad spectrum of industry types. ASSAT has clients across Port Macquarie and the Mid North Coast of NSW. The majority of clients are small to medium size businesses across a variety of industries.

ASSAT provides professional Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) consultancy, training and ongoing support to allow business to comply with relevant legislation and better manage staff and workplace safety in a systematic, consistent manner.

ASSAT takes into account the specific needs and requirements of the client and the workplace. ASSAT is committed to tailoring safety management systems to meet our client requirements and budgets. Ongoing support is provided via phone and/or email generally at no additional cost. Work undertaken is on a consultative basis with business owners and managers and where considered necessary or requested with employees.


Forms and templates

Safe Work Method Statements
WH&S Plant & Equipment Registers
WH&S Chemicals/Hazardous Substance Register
WH&S Manual Handling Assessment
WH&S Electrical Registers
WH&S Training and Competency Registers

Education and Training

WH&S Document Training
Manual Handling Awareness Training
WHS Consultation Training

Injury Management and Rehabilitation

WH&S Return to Work Program
WH&S Injury Management Records

Emergency preparation

WH&S Emergency Preparedness & Response

Incident Investigation & Reports

Assistance with Incident Investigation


WH&S Workplace Inspections and reports
WH&S Task Observations


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ASSAT can provide you with tailored safety systems that will be relevant and meaningful to suit your business needs, culture and budget.


Many generic safety systems have been developed in the past but do they really work and or do our workers understand them.

We all know that the new National Workplace Health and Safety Laws came into effect on January 1st 2012 and employers must comply with these new laws NOW.

Safety systems need to be practical, meaningful and relevant to the work activities and associated hazards and risk. The documents must provide easy reading and understanding for all levels of the business.

ASSAT’s Consultants have identified that safety documents that are overly complicated are not user friendly, cause workers to resist using or implementing them.

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